BYFC Constitution


Club Constitution 2023-2024


1. Name

The club shall be called BASSINGBOURN YOUTH FOOTBALL CLUB (herein The Club).

2. Purpose

The club is a non-profit organisation designed to provide an organised framework for the people of the village and surrounding villages to play organised competitive games of Association Football and to help and encourage its members to develop football skills and a sporting attitude.

3. Activities

a) The club will offer weekly football games and/or sessions during the season for boys, girls (U4 upward) and adults.

b) The Club will Field Competitive 5 a-side teams where appropriate in the local leagues of Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire.

c) The club will field competitive 7 a-side teams where appropriate in the local leagues of Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire.

d) The club will field competitive 9 a-side where appropriate in the local leagues of South Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire.

e) The club will field competitive 11 a-side where appropriate in the local leagues of South Cambridgeshire & Hertfordshire.

f) Training will be offered together with home matches at Wilmott Fields Recreation Grounds, South End, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire or Bassingbourn Village College, South End, Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire. Other venues may be used due to weather and ground conditions.

4. Affiliations

The club shall have the status of an Affiliated Member Club to the Football Association by virtue of its affiliation to the Football Association. The Rules and regulations of the Football Association Limited and the Cambridgeshire F.A. And any league or Competition to which the club is affiliated for the time being shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Club Rules. The Club will abide by the Football Associations Child Protection Policies and Procedures, codes of conduct and anti-discrimination policies.

5. Club Membership

a) Members of the club will be children and adult players who have registered with the club and paid their subscriptions and whose parent or guardian (if over 18) has read and signed a copy of the club’s constitution. Voting rights may be exercised by one parent or guardian on behalf of each registered player. For the avoidance of doubt this shall mean that each member shall have one vote only and that parents of guardians may exercise two or more votes if they have two or more children only (aged 18 and below) in the club.

b) The members of the club at any time shall be those persons listed in the register of members (the membership register) which shall be maintained by the Club Secretary or treasurer.

c) Parents or guardians seeking membership on behalf of a child must apply on the official Membership Application Form and deliver it to the Club secretary. Election to membership shall be at the sole discretion of the Clubs Executive Committee. Membership shall become effective upon the applicant’s name being entered in the membership register.

d) In the event of a member’s resignation or expulsion, his or her names shall be removed from the membership register.

e) The football association and Cambridgeshire FA shall be given access to the Membership register on demand.

6. Annual Membership Fee

a) An annual fee payable by each member shall be determined by the Executive Committee. Any fee shall be payable on a successful application for membership and annually by each member or by subscription, per game, for Senior side members. Fees cannot be reimbursed under any circumstances.

b) The Executive Committee shall have the authority to levy further subscriptions from the members as are reasonably necessary to fulfil the objectives of the club.

7. Resignation & Expulsion

a) A member shall cease to be a member of the club if, and from the date on which, his or her (or parent/guardian) gives notice to the executive Committee of their resignation. The club can also, at its discretion, deem that a member has resigned when the annual membership fee or any further subscription is not paid by the 30th September in any season.

b) The Executive Committee shall have the power to expel a member when, in its opinion, it would not be in the interests of the club for him or her to remain member. There shall be no appeal procedures.

c) A member who resigns or is expelled shall not be entitled to claim any, or a share of any club property.

8. Club Committees

a) the Executive (Exec) Committee shall consist of the following club officers:

- Chairman

- Vice Chairman

- Secretary

- Treasurer

- Welfare Officer

*all elected at the AGM

And other officials appointed by the same Executive Committee to serve on it.

b) The football committee shall consist of the Chairman and all other persons appointed as coaches or managers for each age group with the club.

c) Each club officer and committee member shall hold office from the date of appointment until next AGM unless otherwise resolved at a Special General meeting.

d) One person may hold no more than 2 positions of club Executive Positions at any one time.

e) The Exec committee shall be responsible for the management of all the affairs of the club.

f) Decisions of the Exec committee shall be made by a simple majority of those attending an Exec Committee meeting. The Chairman of the Exec Committee meeting shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

g) Meetings of the exec Committee shall be chaired by the Chairman of the club or, in his/her absence, by the Secretary.

h) The quorum for the transaction of business of the Exec Committee shall be 3 persons.

i) Decisions by the Exec Committee at meetings shall be recorded in a set of minutes maintained by the Club Secretary.

j) Any member of the Exec Committee may call a meeting of the exec Committee by giving not less than 7 days’ notice by e-mail or letter to all members of the Exec Committee.

k) The Exec Committee shall hold not less than 3 meetings a year.

l) An outgoing member of the Exec Committee may be re-elected.

m) Any vacancy on the Exec Committee, which arises between AGMs shall be filled by a member proposal by one and seconded by another of the remaining Exec Committee member sand approved by a simple majority of the remaining Exec committee members.

n) The football committee shall meet no less than 3 times a year. It shall have powers of recommendation only.

o) Save as provided for in the Rules & regulations of the FA and Cambridgeshire FA, the Exec Committee shall have the power to decide all questions and disputes arising in respect of any issues concerning the Club Rules and Regulations.

9. Annual and Special General Meetings

a) An AGM shall be held not later than 30th June in each year. At this meeting the following business shall be transacted:

1) The minutes of the preceding AGM shall be read and confirmed and all matters arising there from considered.

2) A report on the activities of the club over the previous year shall be delivered by the chair and Club Secretary

3) A report of the club’s finances over the previous year shall be delivered by the Treasurer.

4) Election of the members of the Exec Committee

5) Alterations to the Club Constitution or Rules (of which due notice has been given)

6) Consideration any other business, of which due notice shall have been given.

b) Nominations for election of parents or guardians of club members as members of the Exec Committee shall be made by a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must be existing adults/ adult players, parents and/or guardians of a club member. Notice of any resolution to be proposed at the AGM shall be given in writing to the Club secretary not less than 21 days before the meeting.

c) A Special General Meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by the Exec Committee and shall be called with 21 days of the receipt by the Club Secretary of a request in writing signed by adults, parents, or guardians of no less than 10 members stating the purposes for which the Meeting is required, and the resolutions proposed. Business at the SGM may be any business that may be transacted at an AGM.

d) The Secretary shall send to the parents or guardian of each member notification of the date of any General Meeting together with the resolutions to be proposed at least 14 days before the Meeting by email or phone.

e) The quorum for an AGM or SGM must be 10 members (5 must be present with 5 voting by written and signed proxy).

f) The Chairman, or in his/her absence a member selected by the Exec Committee, shall take the chair. Each member represented at the meeting by a parent or guardian shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority. In the event of an equal amount of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

g) The club Secretary, or in his/her absence a member of the Exec Committee, shall record minutes of the meeting.

h) Committee members should be contacted by letter for an AGM/SGM with a written Agenda.

Each committee member must vote in person or by proxy ie written and signed declaration of voting intension through another member. Only 5 persons shall be allowed this at any one vote.

10. Management & Coaching

The Club shall appoint a suitable adult, parent/guardian preferably of a registered club member to be manager or coach for each of the clubs’ active teams. Additional coaching staff may be appointed at the discretion of the Exec Committee. These appointed club officials shall be CRB checked where necessary (i.e., contact with U18s) and responsible to the Exec Committee for the proper conduct of all members in their charge and for their adherence to the Rules & Regulations of the FA, County and Club. They may be dismissed at any time by the Exec Committee. The Club/Coach shall look to together invest their time in a relevant FA Coaching qualification to improve and develop the club.

11. Club Finances

a) A bank account shall be opened and maintained in the name of the Club (the club account). The club shall agree at least 2 designated account signatories. No sum shall be drawn from the club account except by cheque signed by the designated signatories. All monies payable to the club shall be received by the treasurer and deposited in the club account.

b) The income and assets of the club (club property) shall be applied for only in furtherance of the objectives of the club.

c) The exec Committee shall have the power to authorise the payment of remuneration and expenses to any member of the club and to any other person or persons for services rendered to the club

d) The club’s financial year shall be from 1st July to June 30th.

e) The club shall prepare an Annual Financial Statement

f) The club property shall be dealt with as directed by such decision(s) reached by the Exec Committee. Entry in the Clubs Minutes shall be conclusive evidence of such decisions.

12. Dissolution

a) A resolution to dissolve the club shall only be proposed at a SGM and shall be carried by the majority of a least three-quarters of the members present.

b) The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution and the members of the club committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the club.

c) Any surplus remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of the club shall be transferred to appropriate affiliated football causes to further the game.

This constitution was agreed and signed at a meeting of the Executive Committee on June 22nd, 2023.



Chair – Dean King

Vice-Chair – Mathew Clowery

Club Secretary – Mathew Clowery

Treasurer – Julia Hibberd

Club Welfare Officer – Emily King

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